Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Instantly Fix Red Eye

This Paint Shop Pro tutorial will go over the steps to take in order to fix red eye in your digital photos. Red eye is a common problem in photographs because of the flash and lighting reflecting off people's eyes, which then come up in the photos. The effect of flash and lighting leaves a bright red glow in the center of the eyes, which can be quite a detriment.

Paint Shop Pro has a special feature in it that is specifically designed for removing unwanted red eye in your photos. This is the way you use it:

Step 1: Select Your Image

Open the image you want to correct the red eye in. Select the Red Eye Removal icon from the top of the screen (picture of an eye.) This will open the Red Eye Removal Dialog Box. The box will appear over your screen. The first thing you can do is size the viewing window to where you want to focus on the photograph.

Step 2: Dialog Box

Like most features in Paint Shop Pro, this window displays a before-and-after image of your picture to easily monitor what changes you are making. This helps you decide if you want to keep the changes you have made before finalizing your changes. You have the option to zoom the image in to the subject's eyes for the best view of the area you are trying to correct. This dialog box gives you preset selections to choose from, ranging from "Auto Human Eye" to "Automatic Animal Eye". Further on, there are more detailed selections for everything from the glint brightness of the eye to pupil lightness.

Step 3: Highlight the Iris

Zoom into whichever eye you want to begin with. In the "before" window, drag a selection box around the iris of the eye that you want to correct. It will create a circle covering the iris that you can resize to fit exactly. From here, select the "Auto Human" option. This will give you a selection of iris colors and different shades of each color to select from. Choose the one that best matches the eye you are trying to correct. Keep in mind that you can always adjust minor details afterward.

Step 4: Fine-Tuning

After you have the color of the eye that you want in place, you can make many other minor adjustments to the eye. You can increase or decrease the size of the pupil, move or brighten the glint in the pupil, and blur the overall color of the eye to match more naturally. Once you have that completed for the eye, hit Ok at the bottom of the dialog box to save the changes.

Step 5: Finalize

The last step is to adjust the other eye if necessary. When you open the Red Eye Remover, again it will have what you created last time as a preset for you to select. If the eye matches the other, you can quickly apply the same effect again or modify it as needed for position or size. Once you have both eyes corrected, you can hit OK a second time ad save your photo with the rectifications you have made.

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