Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Image Mover Tool

The image mover tool can help you to move one image to another photo. If you have one specific image or subject that does not seem to benefit from its current background then you can move it to another using this tool. Below are the necessary steps you will need to take to successfully move an image to another photo.

Step 1 - Choose Your Images

You will need to choose the two pictures that you want to merge together. Be sure that they will complement each other well. Choosing two simple pictures that don't have much going on in both is a good way to start out. Once you have gotten a better grasp of how to move images then you can move on to more busy photos.

Step 2 - Altering and Moving the Image

The image is going to need to be in twenty four bit and in sixteen million colors. Open up the 'lasso' tool. You will find this option on the left hand side of the screen in the toolbar. Set this image to 'smart edge' and check your 'antialias' option box in the controls palette. Begin to click on the edge of your desired image and move a little bit then click once more. Continue doing this around the edge of your image. The 'smart edge' will connect your selections around your image for you. Once you have gone completely around your image you will double click on it to get the entire selection met together.

Step 3 - Mask

Go to 'mask' and choose 'new' from the top of the screen. You will be shown your image that you cut out with the background a checkerboard. This means that the background has become transparent. Go back to the 'mask' drop down box and click on the 'view mask' and then to 'edit'. Once you see the image with a reddish background you will need to deselect it.

Step 4 - Clean Up

If there are some dark pixels that still surround your image then you will need to clean them up. In order to do this you will need to get the foreground color changed to black and get your paint brush tip changed to two pixels. Be sure to zoom in on your graphic for the best results. Click your mouse over any of the black pixels that have strayed. When the black has been taken away and the red from the mask shows then this is a good sign.

Step 5 - Magic Wand

After you have cleaned up your image then you will need to open up the 'magic wand' to select your image. Go to 'selections' then choose 'modify' then 'contract' you'll need to contract the selection by one. Do the same with your feather, by one. Do this by going to 'selections' then 'modify' then 'feather'. Turn off the 'masks view' as well as the 'masks edit' copy the selection.

Step 6 - Paste New Layer

Open up your desired background and choose 'paste as a new layer'. Resize your original image to match the new background. Do this by going to 'image' and 'resize'. Play around with the opacity slider and the other options to get your images blended together. When you have gotten it the way you want it you can go to 'layers' choose 'merge' then 'merge all'. After this you are free to save your image.

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