Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Use Balls and Bubbles to Enhance Your Photos

Paint Shop Pro is a fascinating tool, which helps in enhancing a picture and provides it an exciting look. Here is a brief Paint Shop Pro tutorial to help you in understanding the uses of Balls and Bubbles option in the software. The Balls and Bubbles however, help to enhance photos. Below mentioned is a step-by-step guide to enhance the photo by making use of Balls and Bubbles in Paint Shop.

Step 1- Open the Original Photo

Open the saved file where all your original photos have been kept. Choose one photo, which you want to work with. Select the best photo from the list of photographs. However, don't forget to create a copy of the original photo. This will be a wise decision for it is better to carry out the editing process with the duplicate image.

Step 2- Crop the Photo and Resize

First decide on the mode that you want your photo to be represented in. In order to do this, crop the photo in a desired size. While ensuring the dimension, remember to leave enough margins around and then paste the panel of bubble. Next save the copy.

Step 3- Use the Freehand Selection Tool

The freehand selection tool is a tool, which helps to draw shapes of your own choice around the picture, which you want to highlight. Then save a copy of it.    

Step 4- Highlight the Photo

In order to have the new picture without a background, press Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V. Then select the eyedropper tool. This will highlight the darker parts of the image. You can attain it by just a left click, if you want to have a look at the color and materials hit F6 button. To fill the background chooses the background tool. Select a color and left click the blank part and fill the color in it. Save the copy.

Step 5- Add Borders

Then add up a border that will appear as the columns of bubble. Then click the image and attribute the border around it. Again, save the copy.

Step 6- Use Magic Wand Tool

The use of "Magic Wand Tool" is very important in respect of highlighting the photo. Clicking on a black background can do this.

Step 7- Apply Balls and Bubbles to the Image

As you are finished with highlighting the backgrounds, you must go to Effects and then choose 'Artistic Effects'. The balls and bubbles option is available here. Go to the "Applies Balls and Bubbles to Image" dialog box. Make the appropriate selection. This can be done and undone, as many times you want to do.

Step 8- Make the Selections in Different Tabs

Now, it is the time to make the selection of properties, such as, color, gloss, opacity and shininess and various others in the different tabs. Some of the tabs are, 'surface', 'Maps', 'Illumination' and even others. After you click OK, you may not like the change, then just click on the edit button at the top to undo the effect.

Step 9- Add more bubbles if Required

If somehow you find that there are lack of bubbles still, then you can rotate the picture and add bubbles once again.

Step 10- Enlarge Photo

Now you must be looking for a way to enlarge the photo. In order to do this, you have to go to the Artistic Effects and then choose the 'balls and bubbles' option. Again the "Applies Balls and Bubbles to Image" option will appear. Now again, you have to click on the different tabs as you have done in step 8. The mouse can be rolled over the left part of the screen. Then it needs to be placed perfectly at the center in order to make a square selection. This effect can also be undone

Step 11- Click and See the Final Details

Go to Effects and then to Artistic Effects. After this, click on the dialog box named as, "Applies balls and bubbles to the image". Next step includes selection of the automatic multiple balls option by going to the 'Shape' tab. The other tabs can be kept same as before. Finally, save a copy of the transformed photo.

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