Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Remove Distractions

In this Paint Shop Pro tutorial, we are going to look into how to remove distractions from your digital photos. Often in pictures, there are unwanted or unforeseen objects, distracting you from the main focus of the photo. Paint Shop Pro offers many different options for removing these unwanted distractions quickly and easily.

Step 1: Open Your Photo

The first step is to open the photo you want to correct in Paint Shop Pro. From File select, open and select your photo. In the photo, you will want to select the item that you need to remove from the image completely. This can be any type of item that is distracting in your photo. For best results, try to remove items that are in full view (and will be easy to take away from everything else in the photo).

Step 2: Select the Distraction

From the Tool options selection toolbar, select the lasso icon. At this point, you will want to zoom into the photo so that it is focused primarily on the object you want to remove. Drag the cursor around the item that you want to remove while holding the left mouse button down. The selection doesn't need to be perfect, but it needs to fully enclose the object. When you have completely circled the item and let go of the mouse button, it will become selected.

Step 3: Select the Source

Next, you will need to select the Source mode option on the Tool Option palette. This will create a source mode selection box over the item that you want to remove. Click in the selection box and drag the box to another spot of the photo matching the background. Once there, you will need to click twice inside the source selection box for the effect to occur. This will make your unwanted distraction disappear from your photo. As it removes the item, it will fill in the background to match the area you have selected. Then press Ctrl + D to remove all selections from everything in your photo so you will be able to see the completed effect.

Other Options

There are other options that may be even quicker and easier to remove items from your photo. The easiest way, by far, is to crop unwanted items out of your photo. This will only work in some situations where the unwanted item is at the edge of the photo and can be excluded by resizing the photo. All you have to do to crop an image is to select the crop tool from your toolbar and then drag your box over the area you want to be your final photo. Then, it will prompt you to ask if you want to crop the photo and will create it in a new window as your primary photo. You can simply delete the unwanted edges that will be in another window and save the image that you have.

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