Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Organize Your Scrapbook Layout

To help organize your scrapbook, you need to install a piece of photo editing software like Corel Paint Shop Pro. Use this program and your digital camera to help preserve memorabilia and memories in a fun, creative digital scrapbook.

Step 1 - Taking Photos

You can create a scrapbook to help commemorate virtually any event, from graduation to the birth of a new baby. Whatever it is you are remembering you will need to take some photos to remember it. Arm yourself with your digital camera and start taking some snaps. Because you don't have to worry about wasting any film you can take as many photos as you want and then look through them later.

Step 2 - Loading and Editing the Photos

Once you've taken the photos, you should then load them onto your computer and start editing them using Paint Sho Pro or other image editing software. Edit all of the photos individually before you start arranging them into your scrapbook. If any of the photos are of people, then apply red eye reduction filters, also adjust the color levels of the photos so that you are happy with them.

Do this for each individual photo which you want to incorporate into your finished design. Make sure that they are all perfect before you consider putting them together.

Step 3 - Organize Scrapbook Designs

Now you need to arrange the designs of your scrapbook. To do this create a new image which is the size of a piece of the paper you're intending to print on. Then you need to copy and paste each image onto your blank piece of paper. Use the handles of the pasted images to re-size them and rotate them, this will make them fit perfectly onto your page.

Different images can be pasted one over the top of another. You can also cut the backgrounds away of certain images to make them all fit well together.

Step 4 - Printing Your Scrapbook Design

Once you've finished designing your scrapbook design you then need to print it out. For this you ideally need to be using a photo printer or a color laser printer. Check the printed designs and make sure that everything is printing properly. If you notice any parts of the design is missing then this is probably due to trying to print outside of the printer margins.

Step 6 - Assembling Your Scrapbook

Once your scrapbook is printed, all that's left to do is start assembling it into a book. There are a few different ways to do this. You can either glue the pages into a scrapbook, bind them using a comb binding machine, or simply put them in a ring binder.

You don't actually have to print the designs out if you don't want to. Once you have organized your scrapbook layout you can then upload the images to a website to create a completely digital scrapbook experience.

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