Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: How to Add a Tattoo to a Subject

Paint Shop Pro is a program, which enables one to create impressive photos. With the help of PSP one can not only correct the common photo flaws but can also add a tattoo to the subject before posting or printing photos online. You can make use of PSP to add few digital tattoos to the subject. This Paint Shop Pro tutorial is a step-by-step briefing on how to add a tattoo to a subject using Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1--Choose A Nicely Designed Tattoo

You can find a great variety of nicely designed tattoos by visiting the different sites offering a huge base of tattoo designs. It is as easy as, typing in the relevant keyword in the search box provided by a popular search engine like, Google and your wish will find no bounds. However, if you have an artistic flare, you can draw the tattoo design by your own and scan it on the computer.

Step 2--Open The Saved Photo     

Open the photo where you want to add the tattoo. Then, make a duplicate layer.

Step 3--Grab The Tattoo Artwork

Grab a wide variety of tattoo image. Artwork with solid or white background is preferable because you do not need to do much of cutting in that case.

Step 4--Remove Background Areas

You can duplicate a tattoo image layer as well as toggle off background layer's visibility. Next, select background copy of layer and then magic wand. Now adjust the mode, match and tolerance accordingly. By making use of Magic Wand choose the background areas pressing SHIFT and for removing it press delete. After removing the background, first go go to Edit and then to Copy.

Step 5--Add The Tattoo To Your Subject

After coming back to photo subject, make a novel Raster Layer through clicking right on background layer's copy and choose new Raster Layer. The Layer needs to be renamed. For example, you can name it as tattoo 1. Then choose Edit and Paste as a new selection for pasting it in tattoo image on the new Tattoo 1 layer. 'D' needs to be pressed on keyboard for pulling up a deform tool. Adjust and rotate the location and size of tattoo. After setting the tattoo in its place where you want it to be, low the opacity. Then select the tool of Freehand Selection. Follow the body's outline and remove the unwanted areas, which covers clothing etc. After choosing the area, which you wish to remove, hold on the Delete button on the keyboard. You can continue with this procedure until and unless you're pleased. Now, on tattoo 1 layer select Adjust, Blur and then Gaussian Blur. Then set Blur Radius. Next, set the blend form of the tattoo 1 layer and reduce the opacity.

You can repeat the above five steps to add on several tattoos that you desire to on the subject.

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