Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Freehand Selection Tool

There are numerous applications available in Paint Shop Pro and each of them is unique in its own aspect. Here is a brief Paint Shop tutorial for using the freehand selection tool.

Step 1- Open the Photo

First, open two images by browsing your computer. Select the ones, which will represent your thoughts in a more apt manner.

Step 2- Select the Freehand Option

Go to the Freehand Selection Tool and then select the freehand option. After this, select an area within the photo with the help of the tool. It should be in 'Replace' mode, the 'Feather' limit should be '25', the Smoothing level should be '13'. The Anti Alias box should be marked and the area needs to be selected with the 'Freehand Mode'. The cursor needs to be dragged around the object that you are drawing. Then release the mouse for closing the selection. If it is done very rapidly, then start over again.

Step 3- Choose the Background Color

The next step involves choosing the Background Color on the Material palette. You should choose the background color willfully, as it must match the background of the displayed image. Always remember to set the Background or Fill Properties in the 'Solid' mode.

Step 4- Select Crop to Selection

In order to do this, you must first select the image and then go to the 'Crop to Selection' option. Next, save the file.

Step 5- Utilize the Point to Point Mode

Now, you need to set few selections in the Tool Options Mode. Put '10' in the Feather field, the smoothing should be set at 5. The Anti-alias mode should be marked and lastly an area should be selected.

Step 6- Open the other Photo

Now, open the other photo and place the pointer on the image and start with the selection and make the necessary changes by moving the pointer to the different parts of the photo and keep on clicking. Then, copy the file to a New Image. In order to do it, go to Edit, then 'copy' and then again go to Edit and choose 'paste' to paste it as a New Image. Now save it.

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