Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Feather an Image

A feather image has edges around the image that are softened rather than hard, sharp or straight. This is a very easy effect to achieve in Corel Paint Shop Pro to add interest to an image and highlight certain parts of it. Although feathering is commonly used around the edge of an image, this doesn't have to be the case.

Step 1 - Opening Paint Shop Pro

The first thing that you need to do is load Paint Shop Pro on your computer. You can either select it in the Sart menu, double click the shortcut on your desktop or use the Quick Launch button next to the Start button.

Step 2 - Opening Your Image

If your photo is not yet in a digital format, you will need to use a scanner to scan it into Paint Shop Pro. Otherwise, you can click File and Browse to open up a dialog box. You can choose to open multiple files at the same time by holding down control if you want to see how more than one image will look.

Step 3 - Corrections

Next, take some time to examine the photo and check that everything is OK. If there are any imperfections in the photo, try using the Scratch Removal tool to fix them. You might also want to use the Automatic Color Balance function and Brightness Enhancement Filters to improve the look of the photo.

Step 4 - Creating a New Layer

Next, you need to create a new layer by clicking Layer and selecting New Raster layer. A new layer will appear above the background layer. If you don't see the Layers palette, activate it by selecting it in the View, Layers menu.

Step 5 - Selecting the Image

Choose the Marquee selection tool from the toolbox, and choose the rectangular or elliptical tool depending on your preferences. In the Tool Options palette, adjust the Feather settings to create a soft edge. Select what you want to keep by drawing a box around it.

Step 6 - Inverting the Selection

To feather the image, press Control + I to invert the selection. Select the Flood Fill tool and choose the color that you want the background to be. Then fill the selected area by clicking in the selection. This will leave you with the main section of image with feathering around the edge.

Now all that's left to do is merge all the layers and save the image as a new file.

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