Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Deform Tool

The Deform Tool is a unique offering of PSP, with which you can materialize your creative dreams. The task is not at all complicated. Follow this Paint Shop Pro tutorial given below to navigate you with Deform Tool.

Step 1- Open Paint Shop Pro

Click the 'Start' menu of your computer. Then select 'Programs'. Go to 'Jasc Software' and click 'Jasc Paint Shop Pro'. It would be better if you keep an icon of the PSP program on the desktop. You can easily open it by double clicking.  

Step 2- Open the image and work with it

Select the File, where you have kept the image to be fine-tuned and with 'Image Browser' find the image (which is in .jpg format). Double-click the left button of the mouse to open it. Now select the 'Layers' option and click 'Promote Background Layer'. It will alter the Background to 'Raster 1' in the 'Layer palette'. The 'Deform Tool' functions only in this layer type. Now, choose the 'Deform' option in 'Deform Tool fly-out on the Tools' menu. In the Tool Options menu, you have to make certain alterations. Change 'Mode' to 'Scale', 'Scale X (%)' to 50 and 'Scale Y (%)' to 50. Now, you have to press the cursor on the 'Center Pivot' tab to proceed further. Now, click the centre of the image and haul it to the middle of the canvas.

Step 3- Create a duplicate copy and work with layer

Select 'Layers' and then click 'Duplicate' to make a duplicate copy of Raster 1. Create one more duplicate copy by repeating this step. Now, you have to right-click the duplicate Copy of Raster 1 and select 'Rename' to change its name. Now type the new name X1, and click 'Enter'. Rename the other duplicate copy as X2 and Raster 1 as X3.  

Step 4- Resize duplicate layers  

On the 'Layer' palette select X1. Now press the cursor on the centre of this layer and haul it to the right side of the X3 layer. Now, X2 will come at the upper position. You have to click the middle handle of the image layer and haul it to the centre of the layer. Ensure to halve the width. In the Tool Options, you have to select 'Mode' to 'Shear'. Now, press the right handle and haul the layer's right side towards the upper portion of the canvas. It will set the angle of the shear to 45-degree. Then you have to choose X1 layer from the 'Layers' palette. Click the middle of it and haul it to the top of the X2 layer. Now, you have to select 'Scale' in 'Mode' from the Tool Options palette. Press the cursor on the central handle on the top portion of the image layer and haul it down to the centre of the layer to halve its width. Wrap up the task by setting 'Mode' to 'Shear'.

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