Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Crop and Frame a Photo

Paint Shop Pro is a very useful program. You can resize, crop or even edit the photos with the help of this program. This tutorial provides you the steps of how to crop and frame photo in Paint Shop Pro Photo XI.

Step 1--Gather the Requisites

The basic requirements to start up with the process are, Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and a Computer. Get them handy and start working on your photo.

Step 2--Open The Photo

To open the photo, you need to open the File tab on the command bar and left click on "Open". Choose the photo file from the computer and click Okay for opening it.

Step 3-- Open Crop Tool

The crop tool needs to be opened. Choose it from toolbar palette to left. It's located below dropper icon directly and gives the impression like that of drawing compass. For opening the tool, click left on it and the cropping shade would cover on the image and the box of crop tool properties will open. 

Step 4--Set Crop Points

For setting crop points, left click on corners and drag on crop points wherever you want to on the photo.

Step 5--Crop The Image               

After setting the crop points, crop the picture by clicking on green check mark in properties box of crop tool.

Step 6--Create a New Image

Click left on an area on image and hold down the button. Move mouse for creating the rectangle. The place within the rectangle will be a new image. The button can then be released. For modifying the placement hover over an edge. By clicking the button hold it down. Mouse can be moved in any direction to expand or shrink the cropped part. After selecting the part, which you want, click twice in the rectangle's centre. Everything on the outer surface of the rectangle gets deleted. It is only the new image, which will remain inside the rectangular part.

Step 7-- Save The Image

Select the File and Save for saving your efforts.

Step 8--Open The New Image File

Open the photo in the Paint Shop Pro Photo XI to frame it.

Step 9--Edit The Photo

Edit the photo as you desire then save the photo.

Step 10--Select Image Tab

Select the Image tab on command bar. Click left on Image tab that's found in upper side corner of left hand of command bar.

Step 11--Scroll On Picture Frame Setting

Move to Picture Frame setting and you will come across the drop down list. Then move on to Picture Frame collection and opt for it.

Step 12--Add the Frame

Choose the frame from the list and just implement the one that you want to. The picture framing editing box will then open up displaying the presently chosen frame. For changing the frame, left click on it and move through the picture frames and choose the desired one. Click Okay button to add up the frame to the picture.

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