Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Create Custom Picture Tubes

The Paint Shop Pro picture tubes help you paint pictures. The pictures are placed in a random manner or in a particular series on the icon, as you drag the mouse. There are many picture tubes that can come with the Paint Shop Pro, while many others can be simply downloaded. They can also be made quickly by using Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1 - Create a Raster Background

Click on the "File" menu and then select the "New" option. You will get a "New Image" dialogue box, where you will have to type "300 pixels" in case of both the width and the height. Then tick on the checkbox written the "Raster Background". Next, select "16 Million Colours (24 bit)" that is given in the field where it is marked as the "Colour depth." Then click on the "Transparent" checkbox and finally "OK."

Step 2 - Change the Grid

First click on the "View" button and then select the "Grid." After that, choose the "Change Grid, Guide and Snap Properties" option from the View menu. In the "Current Image Settings" type the words "100 pixels" for both the horizontal and vertical grids. Then click on "OK."

Step 3 - Fill up the Grid squares

You can either draw or you may copy and then paste the various images in all the grid square. In case you are planning to draw your own picture, you can use tools like that of "Pen Tool," the "Preset Shape Tool" and also "Flood Fill Tool" that will help in making the process easy and faster. Then click on the "View" option and after that choose "Palettes" and "Layers" to check which layers have been created and then you can control them. The moment you are over with the process of editing, you should save the image in a file and give a new name that is possible for you to keep in mind.

Step 4 - Decide the type of image

Next, click on the "File" and then choose the "Export" and also the "Picture Tube" in case the image is the raster image and has only a single layer. In case the image has many layers or is in a vector format, go straight to Step 5.

Step 5 - Create a new image

Now, repeat Step 1 in order to create a new image that is 300 pixels square. After that again do Step 2 in order to re-size that grid.

Step 6 - Copy Merge your image

Click on the "Selection Tool." Then drag your cursor covering one of the nine images and create a box around it. Then right-click in the blue bar just above the image and then choose the "Copy Merged."

Step 7 - Fill up all the squares

Next, right-click above the blue bar that is over the new image that you have created in the Step 5. Choose the option of "Paste" and also "Paste as New Selection" so as to place it in a grid square. Then copy all the other pictures combined and paste all of them into subsequent squares. Then you should save the file.

Step 8 - Apply the Picture Tube

Then click on the "File" and then select the "Export" and the "Picture Tube." After that create a completely new image. Choose the "Picture Tube" tool given in the toolbar. Choose your picture tube from the drop-down box given in the "Options Palette." You can either drag the cursor over the image or you may click a number of times to apply the picture tube to your file.

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