Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Color Replacement Tool

The Corel Paint Shop Pro color replacement tool makes it possible to touch up photos and images by changing a certain color into another shade or color. For example, you could paint over everything which is red with blue if you wanted. There are many useful applications for the color replacement tool, which is why it's worth learning to use.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Computer
  • Digital Image

Step 1 - Loading your Image

First, open Paint Shop Pro and load your image. Click the Browse button on the toolbar or click File, then Browse. This makes it possible to look at small thumbnails of each image to choose which one you want to open. This is the fastest way to open an image in this program.

Once the picture is loaded make sure that all of the palettes and toolbars required are visible and in the right place. You can move these toolbars around by clicking and dragging them.

Step 2 - Selecting the Original Color

Use the color selector tool, which looks like a small eye dropper. This allows you to click anywhere on your picture to select a color. Use the tool to select the color that you want to replace by right-clicking on the color and setting it as the background color.

Step 3 - Selecting the Replacement Color

Now you need to choose the color that you want to use to replace the selected color. To do this, either use the color palette or the eye dropper tool. This time, click with your left mouse button to set the foreground color.

Step 4 - Color Replacement Tool

Now select the color replacement tool from the toolbox. Adjust the tool options as required, you may have to experiment with these settings until you can get the very best results. The tolerance is very important as this will make the color replacement tool more or less sensitive.

If you want to save the tool settings for future use, you should save them as a preset. Name your preset and then save it. This will make it easy to call up the preset again in the future if you ever need to use it.

Step 5 - Replacement Fill or Brush

You can use the color replacement tool in two main ways, you can either double click on the color that you want to be changed and Paint Shop Pro will change the whole of the color. Or you can use this like a normal paintbrush. Holding down the left mouse button and move the mouse to paint over certain areas of the image rather than the whole thing.

Step 6 - Saving the Image

Save your image using File and Save As so that you don't overwrite your original file. This is a safe way of saving the image without affecting the original image.

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