Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Color Correction

Among the several types of flaws present in a picture, color issues are probably the most dominant. These problems mainly happen due to the inaccurate white balance. Paint Shop Pro is the amazing tool that will remove the color of all forms and will make way to color correction to create the perfect image.

Step 1- Open an Image

First, open an image, which is old and yellowed or comprise a color of any form. It is wise to save a copy of the image and work on the copy, as in case of any mistake place, you will still be in possession of the original image.

Step 2- Use Automatic Color Balance

The Automatic Color Balance is a tool, which is one of the easiest means to fix the colorcast. First click on 'Adjust' and then on the Automatic Color Balance. There are several options to correct the color in the image. Check the 'Remove colorcast' box and then in order to attain the desired objective, adjust the Strength. Then notice the illuminant temperature lying at the bottom the menu.Move the slider left and rightwards. It depends much on the condition, in which the picture was clicked. It is not always possible to know it or remember it, so make adjustment towards cooler or warmer. Keep on doing it, until you get a satisfactory result in the 'preview' window. Lastly, press 'OK'.

Step 3- Finish

Now you either can save the altered image or can switch to the Manual Color Correction option. This will further adjust the balance of the color. In order to do this, you have reach out the 'Color Balance' and then click the Manual Color Correction. In the menu, you will find the Preset target color. Select the options, like, hair colors, skin tones, grasses, or metals. You can also choose the  selection of Manual target color. Then adjust the level of Hue, Saturation, and Lightness to a satisfactory result. Upon finishing, click 'OK'.

Step 4- Save

Save the altered image with a name different to that of the original one.

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