Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Change Eye Color

Corel Paint Shop Pro is an image editing program that allows you to change eye color. Computers make it possible to enhance and adjust your photos very easily. There are many reasons why you might like to touch up or adjust the eye color in photographs, and to do this you only actually need your photo and photo editing software. Changing the eye color in your photos can make them appear much more attractive.

Step 1 - Load Your Image

Before you start to do anything else, you first need to load your image into paint shop pro. Use the browse function in paint shop pro to load your image. Take a look at the image once it's loaded and perform any other correction procedures now so that your image looks perfect.

Step 2 - Create a New Layer

Create a new layer on your image. To do this, click Layers and select New Raster Layer. You will notice a new layer will appear in the layers palette. Rename this layer so that it's something much more memorable and descriptive. By creating a new layer, you can make changes to the image without affecting the original photo.

Step 3 - Arm Yourself

Now you need to arm yourself with the right tools. For this project you will need to use the airbrush tool, select it from the tool box. This tool resembles the look of a spray can. Select the color for your airbrush tool by choosing it in the color palette, the foreground color is what will change the color of the brush.

Step 4 - Spray the Eye

Once you have chosen the right color you should carefully spray it onto the iris of the eye, this will obliterate the image underneath. Don't worry though because everything is safely hidden and isn't really being damaged. The finished result will be much more subtle than it appears at the moment.

If you do accidentally get the paint in the wrong position, you can use the undo command by pressing Edit and selecting Undo. You can also undo the most recent action by pressing Control + Z.

Step 5 - Adjust Layers

In the layers palett,e change the blend mode of the top layer to Dodge and adjust the transparency. By adjusting the transparency of images, you will be able to vary the depth of color in the photos. Experiment with the different modes so that you can get the best result.

Step 6 - Save Images

When you're happy with the results of the change eye color project you should then save the image. Before you save the photo you should merge all the layers down to flatten it. This will allow to to save the image as a standard JPEG or GIF file. You can then print these files or share them on the Internet.

By now you should be able to recolor eyes, the exact same technique can be applied to pretty much any other object. Whenever you want to adjust the color of anything you can use a similar process.

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