Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: 70's Retro Look

Many looks can be obtained using the paint shop pro tutorial. Regardless of the style or the era you will be able to get your desired look with some knowledge about the right and necessary tools. Below are some provided steps on how to get a genuine 70's retro look for any picture.

Step 1 - Choose an Image

Before you get started you will need to choose your picture. Be sure to choose one that will compliment the retro look. You will also want to be sure that it is one that can benefit from this form of editing.

Step 2 - Decreasing Color Depth

In order to decrease the color depth you will need to go to your drop down 'image' link. About half way down in the drop down box you will see the 'decrease color depth' option. You will then need to choose the first option, which is '2 color palette'. From there you can play around with the palette component until you have the wanted effects for your picture.

From there you will go back to the 'image' drop bar and choose on the 'increase color depth' option. You will need to go with the '16 million colors'. After that you'll go to the 'adjust' drop down box and choose the 'blur' section and choose to 'blur more'.

Step 3 - Adjustment Curve

You will need to add an adjustment curve layer onto your picture. In order to do this you will need to go to the 'layers' drop down box. From there you will choose the 'new adjustment layer' and then select 'curves'. Play around with this option until you have the desired effect that you wish to have for this picture.
You will need to do this twice in order to get the right amount of curve adjustment on your picture.

Step 4 - Raster Layer and Flood Fill Tool

A brand new raster layer is going to need to be added to your picture. In order to do this you will need to go back to the 'layers' drop down box and then choose the 'new raster layer' option.

Your 'flood fill' tool is located on the left hand side of your screen on the tool bar. You are going to need to use your flood fill tool onto your raster layer. The flood fill tool will fill all contiguous pixels on your photo.

Step 5 - Color Choice

The color choice with the flood fill tool will be the final step in creating a 70's retro look. Look around in the color wheel to get a good idea of what type of color will best compliment your photo and make it look the most retro. A popular color for this look is solid yellow.

After you have chosen the desired color or you picture then you will need to go back to the 'layers' drop down box. From there, choose the 'properties' option and click on 'blend mode'. From blend mode you will choose the 'multiply' option. This will be the last step in creating your 70's retro look.

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