Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: 5 Fast Photo Fix Tips

Paint Shop Pro or PSP is a photo-editing program, which has everything in it to make stunning photos. You can very easily correct the common flaws in the photos like its sharpness, colour and many more by making use of this programme. This tutorial is a step-by-step approach to provide you 5 fast photo fix tips using Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1--Getting Started

Just double click the icon of Paint Shop Pro on the desktop to open it.  Select File and then Browse to where you actually saved the sample photos. After finding the images, double click the thumbnails for opening them in PSP.

Step 2--Crop the Photo

Cropping is the best possible way to improve the quality of photo. Maximise the photos that you need to crop. Then select Crop Tool from Tools Toolbar. Next, on Palette, click arrow just next to the Presents and select the size that you want the photo to crop to. Crop window would then automatically appear on image. If it is not on right place move, click at any place in crop mark for moving crop window. You can even resize the box. For applying the crop, double click the image.

Step 3--Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Colour and More

The photo may look okay initially, but you can still make it look better by adjusting its brightness, contrast, color and many more things. At times you may forget to use flash while clicking the photo, in such cases Paint Shop Pro has all tools to fix up the lighting problems. For example, if you want to fix a dog photo, you need to maximize dog.jpg. Click up Enhance Photo from Photo Toolbar and then select One Step Photo Fix. Fix will then run automatically. If you want to adjust the colour, select adjust, then colour balance and again colour balance. In colour balance command, click arrow button at right of the box for clearing all the settings. Then drag slider away from colours, which are present in image. Once you're done with it click OK.

Step 4--Remove The Unwanted Elements From Photo

Maximise the photo before you are using the Clone Tool. Select Clone Tool from Tools Toolbar. Adjust the brush size on Tool Options Palette to 3/4th of object size that you want to remove. For cloning the item, you first must specify its source from where you desire to copy the pixels. To remove the unwanted item, you can move the source by right clicking and painting over the part that you want to remove by clicking and dragging the mouse until and unless it gets totally covered.

Step 5--Retouch Photo Parts

You now need to zoom the photo to see the faces of the people. Then choose the Scratch Remover Tool from the Tools section and change the size in the Tools Option Palette. Ideally, the Scratch Remover Tool should be bigger than the scratch. Now place the cursor at a particular point on the photo and click once and then drag it till the place you wish to make corrections. The corrections will automatically be made.You can remove any kind of unwanted things from the photo by simply clicking at the start and dragging the mouse till the end of the part, which needs to be altered.

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