Paint Shop Pro Software: Time Machine Tutorial

With Paint Shop Pro software, you will be able to create a software time machine effect on any of your photos. In order to do this effectively, you will need to know the right steps to take. This process can be very difficult and frustrating otherwise. If you are able to follow the steps provided to you below, you will have no problems creating a time machine effect on your photographs.

Step 1: Choose an Era

There are several different eras for you to choose from for this effect. Decide what kind of look you want, and pick a photo that will benefit the most from this effect. Be specific in the type of era you want, as they each have very different looks and therefore different types of steps.

Step 2: Time Machine Tool Bar

In order to get your time machine effect, you will need to go to the 'effects' drop down box and choose 'photo effects.' From there, you will have the 'time machine' option. Once you have selected this option, you will see a time machine dialog box. With a dialog box, you will be provided with both a before and an after image; these will be shown as previews at the top, next to the zoom tools. You will also be provided with an intensity slider that will control how much of your time machine effect you wish to apply. Below the intensity slider, you will have a 'photo edges' option. Play around with these to get a good feel of how your photo will look with and without these options.

Step 3: Era

There is an 'era' selection for you to go through. From there, you will be able to get fun facts about each era. After looking through these, you will be able to choose which era you will like to use for your photo.

Once you have chosen an era, you should play around with the strength and options, to get an idea of what will look best for your photograph.

Step 4: Mask Application

A 'mask' can be applied to the image to help with the aging process. Applying a mask can give your image a ripped and torn looked. Get your chosen image and click on it to make it the active image. From there, you'll need to go to the 'edit' drop down box and select 'copy'. From there, click on the 'torn canvas' image. Then, click on the 'edit' drop down box again, and select 'paste as a new layer'.

Step 5: Layers

Go to the 'layers palette,' and click on the 'background layer' option--make this the active layer. Once you have done this, then go to the 'layer' drop down box, and select 'new mask layer' (then go to 'from image'). From this window, you will choose the 'ripped mask' image you had previously minimized. By clicking 'ok' you will apply this.

Reapply the 'time machine' to the background layer. To merge them all together, you'll simply go to 'layers' and choose 'merge' and 'merge group.' From there, you'll only need to 'merge' the rest of the visible layers, and add a suitable background color.

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