Paint Shop Pro Image Filters Tutorial: Unsharp Filter

Using image filters on Paint Shop Pro serves many purposes and can enhance your image in many different ways. There is a filter called the unsharp filter or the unsharp mask that helps to clear up what may seem to be a perfectly fine image to a clearer and brighter image. The unsharp filter serves to brighten areas of the photograph as well as make other areas less fuzzy than the original image.

Step One: Make A Copy

Before starting any image modification you need to make a copy of the original photo. This is for many different reasons, however mostly for correcting the image should you unintentionally make non fixable errors on the copy. You can simply make a copy of the image and save it to your computer or paste it into the paint pro shop software for alteration.

Step Two: Choosing the Correct Filter Option

From the GIMP menu bar choose the filters menu. You will see a list of different filter choices, select the enhance option. Once chosen you will see a side menu listing a bunch of options, choose the option that says unsharp or unsharp mask. Once you have chosen the correct filter you will be asked to set different parameters for the sharpening of the photo.

Step Three: Radius, Amount and Threshold Parameters

The radius setting helps you to determine how many pixels from the edge of the image will be affected by the filter. The Amount range option sets the strength of the sharpening tool and the Threshold option allows you to determine the minimum difference in pixel values. The adjustments that you make will determine the end result of your photograph.

Play around with different settings using the undo and redo buttons to view the difference between the photograph. Use theses buttons often to ensure that the image meets your expectations before moving on to another step. You might find a favorite setting for the unsharpen filter, do not be afraid to play around with different settings. They are not permanent and they will allow you to learn the difference in different settings of the filter.

Step Four: Understanding The Unsharp Filter

The unsharp filter is more manageable than the sharpening tool. You can choose where you need the sharpening to take place and exactly how much sharpening should take place in that particular spot. Many people not familiar with the unsharp feature often mistake it as a feature that will do just what it says and unsharpen or unfocus the picture. By playing around with different values on the radius, amount and threshold filters you are allowing yourself access to greatly improve your image.

The unsharp filter can be a rather confusing concept for those just beginning to learn how to modify and enhance images. The filter has the same effect as a sharpening tool however allows you to improve upon the image to only enhance areas of the photo that need enhancement rather than modifying the whole image and causing distortions in areas that did not need to be touched.

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