Paint Shop Pro Filter Tutorial: Pointillism Effect

Using a Paint Shop Pro filter can provide you with a vast amount of effects for your photographs. No matter what the effect you wish to use there is probably a filter for it. The pointillism effect consists of dots basically. This means that any highlights as well as shadows in a picture are composed entirely of dots, giving your photo a surreal look. If you are not familiar with paint shop pro and its tools then this type of effect can be very time consuming and frustrating. Below are the necessary steps you will need to successfully achieve the pointillism effect.

Step 1 - Choose a Picture

You are going to want to get a picture that will benefit from this effect. Not all pictures will look good with the pointillism effect added. Be sure that the lighting is right, not too bright or too dark and that your subject can be easily made out. Usually a face is the best subject to use as they can be made out fairly easily. An ideal look is one that is pretty light with lots of contrast between the subject and the background of the photo. You may be required to adjust the lightness and contrast in your photo before you begin. You can do this by going to the 'color' drop down box and choosing to adjust the 'hue/saturation/lightness'. Once you get a better grasp of this effect then you can move on to more challenging pictures and subjects.

Step 2 - Noise

You are going to want to begin by adding some noise to the picture. In order to do this you will need to go to the 'image' drop down folder and select 'noise' and choose to 'add' it. You are going to want to choose 'uniform noise' and adjust the slider to go to fifteen. This should give your photo just the right amount of grainy for the effect.

Step 3 - Sharpen

Once the noise has been added then you are going to need to sharpen the photo to enhance the grainy effect that you just added. To do this you will need to go to the 'image' drop down box and choose 'sharpen: sharpen more'. Play around with the sharpen option until you get the desired effect. Depending on the picture you may need to choose the 'sharpen more' feature a few times. Your desired result will be a considerably increased amount look of graininess on your picture.

Step 4 - Color Depth

To fully achieve your desired effect you will need to change the color depth on your picture. In order to do this you will need to go to the 'colors' drop down box and select 'decrease color depth' choose to decrease the color depth to '2 colors'. For the palette component you will need to check 'grey values'.

Step 5 - Additional Tweaking

It may sometimes be necessary for you to clean up the image a bit if a section is too dark. If this is the case then you'd have to go to the 'lasso tool' or the 'magic wand'. You would use these to lighten up the area. You won't have to worry as much about the area looking jagged in some places. Pointillism will hide a lot of blemishes in your retouching.

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