Paint Shop Pro: Charcoal Painting Look

With Paint Shop Pro tutorial, you will be shown how to alter any picture to make it look like just about anything. You can make pictures look like paintings or drawings. You can also make your picture look like a charcoal painting. There is a special tool that will help you to achieve this look. Along with some additional steps, you will be able to get a genuine charcoal painting look with any of your photographs.

Step 1: Choose a Picture

Keep in mind how a charcoal painting looks. When choosing a picture, you do not want the light to be too bright or too dark. This will make the picture hard to make out once the effect has been added. Usually just a face or something that is easily recognized is the best subject to use for this type of effect. Once you have gotten the hang of it, then move on to more difficult objects.

Step 2: Colorize Filter

The colorize filter will need to be added to your photograph next. In order to do this, you can simply press shift and 'L'. Be sure that both the saturation, as well as the hue, is set at zero. This will turn your picture into a black and white photo.

Step 3: Pencil Filter

Adding the pencil filter will be what makes your picture no longer look like one taken from a camera, but one that was drawn by hand. In order to apply your pencil filter, you will need to go to the 'effects' drop box, 'artistic effects' or 'art media effects,' depending on the type of Paint Pro Shop that you are using. From there, you will select 'pencil'. Then you should just play around with the settings to get the desired effect that you wish to have.

Knowing what each number means and does is a good way to get familiar with this tool and become better and better at it.

Step 4: Adjustment Curve Layer

Your 'adjustment curve layer' will make the 'pencil' effect look more dramatic and in turn give it a charcoal look, as opposed to the original pencil look. In order to get to the 'adjustment curve layer' option, you will first need to go to the 'layers' drop box then choose the 'new adjustment layers' option. From that option, you will be given the choice of 'curve.' Once you have chosen that selection, you will be provided with a box to alter the settings.

Step 5: Layer Properties Adjustment

Your 'layer properties' box will provide you with two different tabs to choose from. Out of 'general' and 'adjustment,' go to the 'adjustment' tab so that you can alter it as follows.

You should have the channel set to 'RGB' once you have gotten to the adjustment tab on the 'layer properties' box. Your 'input' should be at one hundred and ninety one and the 'output' should be set at fifty seven. These are the ideal numbers to get the look of a charcoal drawing.

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