Paint Shop Pro Basics

One of the most important elements in experimenting with images is to know the proper way to blend the various aspects of the picture. Here are the simplified steps of Paint Shop Pro Basics to combine a seamless match of images. Although as many number of images can be combined by this process but here, we will be discussing about the blending of two images.

Step 1- Open the Image

Open the Images that need to be blend. Then, open Paint Shop Pro. If the sizes of the images are different then mark the height of the taller one. Add the width of both the images. Then open a new image but the resolution should remain the same. The width of the image is not at all an important factor in the matter of blending. You must make it sure that there should be enough space to work.

Step 2 - Select the Position of the Image

Make a clear decision about which image should be placed at the top and which at the bottom. In order to make it active, click on it. Then go to 'Edit' and then copy the image. Again, go to Edit and Paste. After this, click on the 'Paste as New layer'. The same stem step needs to be followed for the other image. At the end, there will be three layers on the new image and they will be considered as first image, second image, and background.

Step 3- Make Changes in the layers

The opacity level of the bottom layer should be set to full and the top layer should be such that one can see both the layers. Then make sure that whether the two layers are active or not. Then, click on the Eraser tool and remove parts of the top layer. Thus, it will merge well with the bottom layer. Occasionally raise the opacity to 100%. Be sure not to erase an important part. If you will be satisfied with the way it appears, then shift to the bottom layer and erase the parts to blend it with the top layer and also the background layer. Be careful to combine the backgrounds of the images well.

Step 4- Merge the images

The opacity level of both the images will now be shifted to 100 %. Erase the last traces you are left with. As it will appear perfect, click on layer and then go to 'Merge'. Lastly, click on 'Merge all'.

Step 5- Finish and Save

When, you are finished with the blending save the image. You can use the 'move' tool to place the image at a location you want it to be.

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