Organizing Your Images with Paint Shop Pro

The Paint Shop Pro program is a wonderful option for image editing. The Paint shop pro does not just include the various tools to primp up the images with a new look, but it can also be used for organizing images efficaciously. Here are some of the helpful tactics to use Paint Shop Pro as the Organizer of your photos.

Step 1- Open a New Image

Just got to File and click on 'New'. The Paint Shop Pro Organizer will help you to open a new image and will help you to see it in a thumbnail format. Just click the image, which you want to open and drag it to the workspace. The cursor will change, as the image will be dragged.

Step 2- Open the Organizer should be Toggled off and on

As you will be toggling the organizer off and on, you will see the Organizer Palette. Then the icon of the Toggle Organizer in the manu bar should be clicked. There are many icons in the Organizer at its top left corner. They will help you in managing and organizing your images.

Step 3- Go to the Organizer Menu Bar

The sub menus in the menu bar comprise different option and they are used in renaming the images, refreshing the views and in opening the recent and the additional folders.

Step 4- Access the Organizer Mode

There are two-organizer modes in Paint Shop pro. The Document Mode helps in displaying the Organizer in the image window and thereforeresize and moves it within the workspace. As the ddocument mode is active, the toolbars and the menu system become inactive. On the other hand, in the Palette Mode, the Organizer is displayed as a palette. Then either it floats or remains docked at the end of the main window.

Step 5- Delete Images

If you want to delete some images, then select them and delete them using the 'Delete Image' option.

Step 6- Zoom the Thumbnails

In order to zoom the thumbnail, control their sizes in the area meant for preview.

Step 6- Rotate the Images to Right and Left

The images can be rotated to 90-degree right and left respectively.

Step 7- Quick View

 The quick view displays the slide show of the folder with a full screen view.

Step 8- Getting the information of the image

Information on the name, date, and EXIF data of the image can be accessed by this option.

Step 9- Print the Contact Sheet

This option promps the print of the contact sheet of the folder viewed.

Step 10- Send the Image as E-mail

Using this opyion the image can be sent via an e-mail and can be shared with friends and families.

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