Organizing Alphabets in ACDSee Photo Manager

ACDSee Photo Manager gives you the chance to organize your alphabets. There are two basic methods to do so, and each one has its own pros and cons. You need to choose the one that suits your style the best. You can either use categories or keywords. Using categories, you can select the letters of the alphabet placing category tags on them. When you use keywords, you will need to assign the proper keywords to the folders containing the alphabet letters. This method is typically easier for most users, but you should keep in mind that you cannot categorize the folders and albums this way.

Step 1: Apply Keywords

If you are using keywords, you should place the alphabet images in a folder. Go to the folder and apply the word “alpha” on it; if the first alphabet letters are in the same folder, you can use the keyword to these letters. If it is the case that the alphabet is just one image, you simply apply the keyword to the file.

Then you should go to Properties, open the View Properties Tab. There is a keyboard shortcut “Alt – Enter” which helps you flip between the Properties Pane and the Organize Pane.

Step 2: Select the Alpha Folder

Go to the keywords box and the Properties Pane and type the word Alpha. If you wish to create the following folder, type the letter “a” and the word alpha will be auto-filled. Then, press the enter button.

Extra Tip

If you wish to search for the alphas, you can use the Quick search option pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S. Once the window opens, you can type the word alpha and then click on “Search”.