Organize Your Photos with Places in Aperture

If you wish to organize your photographs into software such as Aperture, then you may be keen to try and arrange them around a particular theme. Apple's Aperture allows you to fit your photographs into a particular theme, such as faces, places and other features. These designs are a way of cataloging and then locating your pictures easily.

Using Places

Places is a feature of the Aperture program which allows you to search through your photographs based upon the location at which they were taken, so if you remember a particular shot being taken at a certain place, but can't remember what you called the picture, then you will be able to find it using Places. Places takes the information from GPS data in digital devices such as iPhoto or iPhone, and then uses it to find the picture you want.

Organizing Places

Once you have found your picture using Places, you can then organize your photographs into files based on these places. This means that you can put in the name of a place, and Aperture will automatically produce the number of pictures in your file which are to be found under this name or GPS location.

When you use the Aperture method, you will have your pictures automatically geotagged by the software, so you don't have to program anything into the picture itself, except the name. You can then position the files so that Aperture and you can both easily locate the picture that you want.

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