Organize Photos into Albums in Photo Explosion

Photo Explosion is a useful photo editing application, which makes it possible to organize your photos. Digital cameras make it very easy to take many photos; most people will have thousands of photos on their computer. Finding these photos can be very difficult. That's why the features included in Photo Explosion can be so useful.

Organizing photos using Photo Explosion is very easy to do. This will make it very simple to find them when you want them. The photos can be sorted into different albums depending on a variety of different criteria. This article will look at how you can use Photo Explosion to organize all of your photos and make it easy to keep track of them all.

Browse Mode

The first thing that you will need to do is put Photo Explosion into browse mode. This is simply a matter of clicking the button on the toolbar. This will change the toolbar into the right mode, which can be used for organizing and editing photographs. A series of thumbnails will be displayed on the screen. These can be arranged to make it much easier to search through them by clicking the sort button.

It's possible to sort the photos by their name or the date that they were taken.

Creating a New Folder

Creating a new folder or album is very easy. To do this, navigate to the folder where you want to create a new folder. Then, click the new folder button. You can also navigate through the folders using the navigation buttons. Sub folders can be created within other folders. This makes it very simple to organize your photographs into different categories.

When you create a new folder, you can then rename it to make it easy to know exactly what's in the folders and the type of photos which are inside.

Organizing Folders

When you open a folder, all of the photos inside will be displayed. The photographs will be displayed as thumbnail images, which makes it very simple to take a look at all of the photos in a single glance. You can also double click on the photos to open and view them.

Sorting Images

The images in the folder can be displayed in different ways. To adjust the view, click the sort button. You will be able to arrange by date, name or format. This should make it simple to look for the files that you want to look at and use.

Moving Images

If you want to move existing images into albums, then this is actually very easy. Start by selecting all of the photos that you want to move. Hold down control or shift to select multiple images. Click the copy button on the toolbar. Then, move to the folder where you want the images to be located and paste the images. Once the photos have been copied, you can then delete the originals so that they are only in one position.