Optimizing Photo Exposure in DxO Optics Pro

The photo exposure is optimized in DxO Optics Pro due to the superior DxO Lighting technology that it uses. Issues concerned with back-lighting, contrast corrections in shadows and underexposure are resolved, giving the image an increased dynamic range. This is done without affecting the colors, textures and highlights in the image.

Optimizing Photo Exposure

Open your image, click on the Prepare tab and select the Light button which will open the Light panel. First, select the option under the Auto Mode in the DxO Lighting box, as this will adjust the contrast. In the Exposure Compensation box, you need to click on the Power button icon to activate the box, and then adjust the slider control to get the required exposure or lighting.

You should note that optimizing exposure depends on various controls in the Light panel and there is no single control which will optimize the light. For example, if you have corrected the contrast by selecting Slight in the Auto Mode in DxO Lighting, you will need to proportionately increase the Exposure Compensation to make the image brighter.