Opanda Digitalfilm Photography Software: Reasons to Use

Opanda DigitalFilm is a photography software program for professional photographers used for making images appear as if they were a section of photographic reversal film, otherwise known as a slide. This type of image is valuable because a print can be made from a photographic reversal image because it works somewhat like a film negative. Here are some reasons to use this program:

Imitates Professional Films

The Opanda DigitalFilm photography software can turn your photo image into the perfect replication of a photographic reversal slide image down to the last color pixel. It copies all the shades, layers and fine points of the original and removes all the imperfections and noise. It can perfectly imitate Fuji Velvia and Kodak T-Max 100 films so that you won’t know the difference. This makes it so you have no need to buy these if you are in a bind or just don’t want to spend the extra money.

Contains Eight Main Adjustment Options

The Opanda DigitalFilm software can accomplish eight different functions. It works with index samples, modifies images, adds watermarks, adds signatures, works with frames and adjusts histograms. This gives photographers a wide variety of tools to help them transform their photo image files. It supports most graphic formats.

Supports Batch Processing

Another reason Opanda DigitalFilm is a good buy is that you can process several files at the same time which helps to save you time. This photography software function is called batch processing because it works with a “batch” of photos at the same time.