Opanda Digitalfilm Photography Software: An Overview

The Opanda DigitalFilm is a type of photography software which is used to emulate reversal film. Opanda DigitalFilm fills the varying needs of professionals working in photography, image editing and printing. It has several features which photographers and photo editors will find handy. The following are some of the features of Opanda DigitalFilm.

High Quality Imitation

The Opanda DigitalFilm program can create realistic imitations of reversal films, such as the Kodak T-Max100 and the Fujifilm Velvia. Colors and images remain sharp and vivid, retaining the details and rich layers of colors. Noise and color spots are also reduced.

Powerful Editor for Exif

The program supports file formats such as RAW, TIFF, JPEG and EXIF. Bundled inside the program is a powerful editor for Exif files. DigitalFilm supports version 2.21 of the Exif format. The program allows users to add, modify and edit Exif files.

Added Effects and Features

DigitalFilm also comes with a variety of other features. In addition to adjusting images, the program also allows users to make index samples. The program also has a built in histogram, showing the distribution of colors in a single image. With editing digital images, this becomes important as it displays the number of pixels for each color in the color range. Users can also choose to add a frame to their images. Multiple images can be edited by using the batch process feature. To customize and help protect the images from any unlawful use, the program also has a built in feature which allows users to add a signature or watermarks.