OnOne Software: Perfect Layers Overview

Perfect Layers by OnOne Software is a professional layering and masking solution for images of all kinds, A mask is used by many image and photo manipulation artists to hide and remove unwanted details and elements, such as backgrounds, and induce transparency with objects that have traditionally been very hard to mask, such as glass, smoke and hair. It is essential to combine images from various sources like Bridge, Aperture or Lightroom.

Main Features

The primary features of this software product include the ability to quickly adjust layer sizes, along with opacity, blending modes and positioning. There are pre-made built in layer masks that can be used directly to provide professional blending effects for multiple layers together. These layered files are fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop and can be opened using it for more manipulation. These layers are added directly as a part of the workflow and are editable using Aperture and Adobe Photoshop. The features are useful while making composite images and creating new layouts.

Other Features

The program is fully compatible with 64-bit application platforms and adds a fast mode to rapidly change blending modes for each layer. The net result is that you are able to dramatically change an image's appearance in a matter of seconds. Each of the effects added to the image is fully adjustable and customizable. Also, the blending mode changes are non-destructive and they fully preserve the original image.

The masking tools, on a similar line, are also non-destructive and can be easily edited using either Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop.