OnOne Software: Mask Pro 4

Mask Pro 4 from OnOne Software is a masking utility which helps you to remove backgrounds that are not wanted in digital images. The software is quite intuitive and the 12 major tools which are included can take care of all masking needs and gives good results.

Superior Tools and Technology

Mask Pro 5 has a range of tools which can take care of even complex masking requirements. For example, the Magic Brush tool can erase colors and at the same time maintain the transparency. The Chisel tool enables you to get the edges right while retouching, so that you are not left with a halo. Halo formation at the edges is a common problem in masking, but this software uses a superior technology for decontaminating color, which will leave your edges sharp and perfect.

Real-Time Process

The software works in real time and hence you will see the changes as you are working. You need not waste time doing a process and then initiate the application procedure, after which you can see the result. All your workflow is in real time which means you can keep track of your process while viewing it in the preview window and make the necessary adjustments.

Complex Masking

When hair is involved, masking can become a nightmare, but Mask Pro 4 takes an entirely different approach. Instead of working with edges, it uses color detection in the procedure. This not only brings out minute details, but can also remove any contamination of color due to transparencies or reflections. The result is a natural blend of the background with the subject.