OnOne Software: An Overview of Perfect Resize

Perfect resize by OnOne Software is the specialized industry standard tool for resizing images. This includes enlarging any image to any given size while maintaining fine image details and getting rid of the halos on the edges of the image. Any other image manipulation program does generally not achieve this because the pixels tend to scatter around while resizing an image. The program is compatible with other image and photo manipulation programs, such as Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3 and Aperture 3.

Main Features

The main feature, as stated above, is the ability of the software to dramatically increase the size of an image without loosing any measure of sharpness or the details of the original picture. Using patented fractal-based interpolation algorithms that work unlike any other present algorithms are used to achieve superlative results.

The algorithms are completely compatible with 64-bit application platforms and are a must-have tool for any photographer that uses and makes poster prints.

Other Features

The software also features full support for gallery wrap formation by extending the margins of an image without sacrificing any kind of quality. Also, you can use any standard printer in conjunction with OnOne Software's Perfect Resize to print out multiple tiles that can be assembled to form a much larger poster print or flyer.

The batch processing options allow you to simultaneously control the sizes, colors, watermarks and file formats on a number of files in one go. This is essential for professional graphic and photo artists.