Online Photo Editing: Adding Color to Black and White Eyes

Online photo editing is as simple as uploading a photo of your choice in one of the eminent photo editing websites and it is assured that your job will be done. Just keep on clicking the suitable options one by one according to the directions and the rest lie in the hands of the online editor.

Below mentioned are the steps for adding color to eyes in a black and white image with the help of GIMP, a freeware.

Step 1- Download and install GIMP

Go to a well-known search engine, like, Google and type in a keyword to find a website, from where you can download GIMP. Once you get it, install it in your computer.

Step 2- Get the Photo

Scan a photo of your choice and store it in the hard drive of your computer. You can also transport the image to your system directly from a digital camera or mobile phone via a USB cable or Blue tooth.

Step 3- Access GIMP

Go to the GIMP icon on your desktop and click 'Open'. Then browse to the photo you want to work with and open it.

Step 4- Go to the 'Toolbox'

Next, you need to go to the 'Toolbox' and select the 'Lasso Selection Tool'. Use it to select the area around the iris of one of the eyes. In order to have a more vivid view, 'zoom in' the area. Then change the tool to 'Subtract' mode and deselect the area constituting the pupil. The selection area along the iris will resemble the shape of a donut.

Step 5- Coloring

The next step involves selection of the  'Hue -Saturation' from the 'Colour' option. Click on it and continue changing the sliders for  'Hue' and 'Saturation'. Keep on doing it until you find the colour of your choice. Then, click on the "+" button in order to save the colour as preset. Finally click "OK".

Step 6- Repeat the Same Steps

Repeat the process for the other eye so that the two eyes match well. Thus, this simple process will help you to turn the back and white eyes to brown eyes, blue eyes and even green eyes.

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