Online Digital Scrapbooking with FunTime

Online digital scrapbooking is gaining popularity due to a number of software solutions that enable you to take advantage of the new breakthroughs in paper crafting and scrapbooking. One such software is Funtime Scrapbooking 2010. This is an amazing program that allows you to directly create scrapbook projects and jump into publishing by facilitating the creation of the digital project.

Funtime 2010 also enables you to share the scrapbook in a digital format with your friends, family and relatives. It is also optimized for use as a die cutting software to create t-shirts, wall decorations, glass etching, rhinestones and cards.

Basic Features

The funtime scrapbooking software has over 700 preset shapes that you can scale, modify or use as they are to added to your scrapbook. All shapes are properly classified and filed under easy-to-understand categories.

You can also use the software to draw free hand and create custom shapes. These shapes can also be saved for later use in the shapes library. Also, any images that you might use are automatically converted to vector shapes to retain their size and shape properties when blown to bigger sizes.

Special Features

You can easily create special effects like customizing shapes and text. You may also choose from a number of pre-rendered effects like the applied scissor effect, embroidery effect, and outline and charm effects. Also, when you use a die cutter, you will be able to directly cut out intricate details on your scrapbook project.