Nik Sharpener Pro 101

Nik Sharpener Pro is an advanced software program that allows you to sharpen images and gives you more control over the results. With this program, you can set the level of sharpness of the images to your own liking. It can also greatly save you on test-printing costs because you can easily and accurately review images before the final results are set.

U Point Technology

Editing and adjusting sharpness is made easier and more accurate with U Point controls, allowing you to sharpen selections within an image. No complicated layer masking and selections are needed in order to accomplish this.

Innovative Sharpening Options

Innovative sharpening options are available in this program, which gives you the freedom to enhance and sharpen faint elements in the image that you wish to bring out.

RAW Pre-Sharpener

This feature helps retain the sharper points of the image and prevents them from becoming too amplified and pronounced. It balances possible clarity losses brought about by digital capture.

Output Presets

You can also select from a number of saved presets that have been custom set. This feature saves you valuable time if you want to replicate certain results.

Professional Interface

Sharpener Pro’s user interface is another factor that saves you precious time with easy to select keys on the right of the screen. They are conveniently and strategically placed in order to make sharpening images much easier.

Multiple Image Support

The software allows you to work on multiple images at once. “Previous” and “Next” buttons automatically appear when you select multiple images for editing/sharpening. Nik Sharpener Pro gives you all these options that make image sharpening a snap.