New Features in iPhoto 09

iPhoto 09 is the latest version of Apple's iPhoto program, a basic photo editing program that comes as part of the standard software on any new Mac computer. iPhoto 09 has several new features that set it apart from early versions of the popular Apple software.


iPhoto 09 incorporates facial recognition technology making it easy to organize your photos by who is in it. Simply tag a person once and the program will automatically detect that person's face in other pictures from your library. Before those tags can be made official you have to confirm or deny that it is correct.

When you click the 'Faces' tab in your library, iPhoto reorganizes into albums based upon who is in it. So you will have separate albums for Mom, Dad, etc.


If your camera has a GPS then iPhoto will automatically include the location of where the photo was shot in its metadata. Otherwise you can manually enter the location into the photo's info. This new feature is fun because iPhoto will arrange that information so you can see all the places you've taken photos in on a world map. Places are marked by a marker pin. This is a fun way to see the big picture of your world travels.

Themed Slideshows

Creating impressive slideshow in iPhoto 09 is extremely easy. Users have six themes to choose from which are Classic, Ken Burns (movement across your photos), Scrapbook (photos added into an animation of a scrapbook being flipped through), Shatter, Sliding Panels, and Snap Shots. All you need to do is select an event or album, organize the order you wish the photos to appear in, and hit the 'slideshow button'.

In slideshow mode all you need to do is select a theme, select the music you wish to accompany your slideshow (iPhoto comes with a few popular songs), and enter settings like how long you want each slide to appear for and how to transition between slides.

Online Sharing

iPhoto 09 makes sharing your photos on Facebook and Flickr as easy as clicking a button. That's literally how you do it. Select the album you want to upload, click the 'Facebook' or 'Flickr' button, enter your log in information, and your photos automatically get uploaded.

Enhanced Photo Editing

iPhoto 09 makes editing your photos simple and easy. You can crop, tilt, retouch, remove red eyes, and automatically balance your exposure and color temperatures. You can also manually adjust brightness/ contrast and colors if you want to be very tedious in your control. 

Apple has made a lot of improvements to iPhoto in their 09 version. This is how they continue to be the leader in basic editing software, and the best part is that it automatically comes in your software package when you buy a new computer.

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