NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: Key Features

IP Camera Software is a piece of application software marketed by NetCamCenter and offers software compatible with USB cameras and other singe channel Window WDM devices. NetCamCenter offers free trials of the software, allowing prospective buyers to sample the software before they decide whether it is the right package for them. The key features are as follows:

Built-in Server

The IP Camera Software comes with a built-in server, which is beneficial as it makes set up a little easier. You will not have to build your own server as a separate entity to the installation of this software.

FTP Upload

The ability to upload your footage via FTP means that you can access it from any computer. This is useful if you are a manager that moves around a lot and does not spend much time in the office. Many systems require you to be in a particular location to access the footage and in many situations, it could be more practical to access the footage on the go.

Streaming Audio

Streaming audio will be practical in some scenarios and not in others. For example, in a noisy place, picking out the audio that you want will not be practical. It will also not be practical if the camera is out of audio range. However, if the camera is placed in a small room such as a cash office in a retail store, then audio streaming will be useful.


Sadly, the software does not offer a live steam of video, but it does take photo captions at regular intervals. The benefit of this is that it takes up less memory than a live stream would. Therefore, you can get more footage on a given storage device and it will use up less bandwidth on your server for your IP Camera Software.