NetCamCenter IP Camera Software: An Overview

This overview of IP Camera Software will look at the purpose of the software and the prices that NetCamCenter charges for its products. The hardware that the software needs to run effectively will also be given a brief overview.


The purpose of the IP Camera Software is to view closed circuit TV (CCTV) footage recorded with a user-friendly interface. The software allows you to rewind the footage and can record the footage constantly or at pre-specified intervals. Unlike other similar software that will stop recording if you run out of hard drive space, this particular package will start recording over the oldest footage. It is commonly used by the government, retailers, education establishments and industrial areas.


In order for the footage to work, you will need a CCTV camera to record the footage, a storage device to record the footage onto and monitors to view the footage. The storage device can be an internal or external hard disk or a CD if you want to keep daily recordings separate. The software is designed for single channel Windows WDM devices such as USB cameras rather than multi-channel devices.

The Cost

The IP Camera Software is offered as a free trial online and then you have to pay for the license. The cheaper one starts at $289 for surveillance on 12 basic cameras, while the most expensive runs at about $945 for a license for 16 professional cameras.