Nero Vision: Video and Photo Editing Features

Nero Vision is an advanced video and photo editing program. Nero Vision allows you to create high definition movies, organize your photos, and use your photos to create slideshows. You can also use Nero Vision to burn photos, videos and music onto Blu-ray discs, CDs and DVDs. Or, if you'd like, you can share your burned content with various social communities, such as Facebook and Youtube. This guideline will go over a few of the video and photo editing features that come with Nero Vision.

Easy Organization

One of the best features of Nero Vision is the fact that you can place all of your media in one central location, which makes the editing process easier. Nero Vision comes with a storyboard that you can use to arrange and edit your photos and videos in no time. Nero Vision allows you to enhance the photos that are in your storyboard with a single click of the mouse. You can quickly grab your photos and videos from the storyboard so that you can use them in slideshows and movies. Nero Vision even allows you to personalize the photos and videos that are in your storyboard with movie themes that are included with the program.

Multi-Track Editing

True multi-track editing allows you to combine multiple video graphics and audio tracks to create a single track. Nero Vision allows you to do this, plus Nero Vision includes a complete keyframe handling option. The keyframe options that are included in Nero Vision allow you to apply many special effects to your multiple tracks, such as picture-in-picture and overlay and audio effects. The multi-track editing tools that are included with Nero Vision also allow you to animate video.

Advanced Video Effects and Transitions

Nero Vision may sport a low price tag, but it is full of features. Nero Vision comes standard with over 70 video filters and over 40 video transitions. Nero Vision also includes motion templates, such as pan and zoom, that can be applied to a single project track or multiple project tracks. Thanks to the high definition output that Nero Vision features, any and all personal effects and transitions that you add to your project will be HD enhanced.

Finishing Touches

It is very easy to create cinema quality movies in Nero Vision. Nero Vision comes preloaded with over 14 movie themes. The various movie themes that are included with Nero Vision feature music and special effects, embedded titles and 3D animated menus. If you are looking to add pictures to your video project, Nero Vision comes with over 140 ClipArt images.

Advanced Editing and Authoring

If you would like, you can burn your photo or video project right onto a DVD, CD, AVCHD or Blu-ray disc. Or, you can utilize the advanced authoring option that is included with Nero Vision. The advanced authoring option allows you to send your project straight to advanced editing and authoring.