My Memories Digital ScrapBooking: Reasons to Buy

Digital scrapbooking is gaining popularity steadily because of the easy ability it offers to create a beautiful and tangible piece of art that contains your precious memories. A scrapbook can be something to cherish for years to come. It is also a creative outlet for many people and keeps them connected with their life experiences.

My Memories is a digital scrapbooking solution that offers you some of the most powerful and efficient tools to express your creativity and create a beautiful treasure of memories. The‘My Memories suite is popular due to its very intuitive workspace and simple and efficient workflow. It is easy to pick up, and you can create your first scrapbook within minutes.

Here are some of the reasons to buy the My Memories suite digital scrapbooking software solution.

Enhanced Sharing

Once you have made your scrapbook, you can not only share it in a printed, hardbound form, but you can opt for the digital method and distribute copies to all of your loved ones. It is easy to share the scrapbook via a DVD or CD on a PC or Mac. You can also convert the scrapbook to individual pictures and send them or simply share them as an iPod video. Cards are also a good option to share.

Ease of Use

My Memories suite enables you to create and build right from scratch and make your creations look as if a professional designed them. There is a huge library of virtual paper and stationery that can be dragged and dropped into the program area and touched up within seconds.

Creating a beautiful scrapbook with music, narration, video and Internet connectivity is a cakewalk when using My Memories.