Movie Edit Pro: Working with a Time Freeze

Time Freeze is one of the cool special effects you can add to your movie clip with Movie Edit Pro, which is advanced video editing software. The Time Freeze effect means that all the motion on the screen comes to a stop except for one character, who is able move about within this frozen frame. The following tutorial describes how to make this effect.

Step 1: Prepare Two Video clips and Load Them onto the Timeline

To accentuate the effect of a time freeze, it is better to freeze the frame at a place where an action has not been completed. Prepare one clip which has a person carrying boxes. Then, he trips over, and the boxes go flying out of his hands. The eecond clip will be of a person entering the scene from an opposite direction and looking on for some time, before walking off. Drag the two clips on the timeline (on the same track).

Step 2: Split the Scene of the First Clip

Move the marker of the timeline so that you come exactly to the point where the person had tripped and all the boxes are in the air. Split the clip here, by clicking on the "Split Scene" button.

Step 3: Create a JPEG File of the Shot

Click on File on the top menu bar and select "Export Movie" and then click on "Single Frame as JPEG". Save the file by clicking OK.

Step 4: Edit the Image in Windows Paint

Open the JPEG file you have just created in Windows Paint. Except for the image of the person and the boxes and their shadows; paint over everything else in blue color. Now save this edited picture.

Step 5: Load the Photo on the Timeline

Drag the edited photo on to the second track on the timeline, right click on it, and choose "Video Effects". This will open the Video Controller window; you need to click on the "Blue Box" button and click OK.

Step 6: Create the Effect

From the first clip, remove the shot where the person has tripped and place the edited photo at this point in the second track. Then, join the second clip with the first, on the first track. When you play the clip now, you will find the person freezing in mid fall and at the same time, another person entering the scene from the other side. After some time, the fall of the person resumes and the other person is seen exiting the scene.