Movie Edit Pro: Slowing Down Your Video

It is very easy to create a slow motion effect with the Movie Edit Pro software. This software has many tools and features which will enable you to edit your clips and also add various special effects. The following describes a very simple way of creating a slow motion effect on your chosen clip.

Step 1: Drag the Clip onto the Timeline

Select the clip you want for creating the special effect of slow motion, and drag it to the Timeline.

Step 2: Open the Video Controller Window

Right click anywhere on your clip on the timeline, and select "Video effects". This will open up the Video Controller window.

Step 3: Adjust the Speed

In the Video Controller window, you will see a preview panel where you can view your clip. On the left of the preview panel is the "Optical FX" panel and below it is a slider control for Play Speed. By default, the setting is on 1, which is the normal speed. If you want to slow down your clip, drag the slider control to the left.

Step 4: Preview the Speed and Save the Clip in Slow Motion

Check out how the speed you have selected actually looks when you play the video in the preview panel. If you feel the video clip should go slower, then slide the control more towards the left. When you are satisfied with the speed, click on the OK button which is on the right bottom of the Video Controller window. You have just created a clip in slow motion.