Movie Edit Pro: Replacing the Sky

Movie Edit Pro is excellent video editing software that has many tools and functions, which let you add a variety of effects. While shooting, it is quite common that you will not get a spectacular sky in your shot due to weather conditions. The following describes an easy method to replace the sky in your clip.

Step 1: Take a Shot of the Sky

Apart from your video clip, you will also need a photo of the sky when it is looking great. Load this photo on the first track on the timeline; your video clip goes on to the second track.

Step 2: Replace the Sky

Right click on your video clip and choose "Video Effects", which will open up the Video Controller window. Depending on the color of the sky you want to replace, you will have to click on the corresponding button. If the color is white, you need to click on the "White Box" button. Then, adjust the slider controls for Fading Range and Threshold until you have got the desired effect. Click OK to save the changes. Now when you play your clip, you will find the photo of the sky replacing the sky in your video clip.