Movie Edit Pro: Disappearing Effects

Movie Edit Pro by Magix is a professional audio/video editing software suite that provides a number of quality editing tools for your video footage. Among the main attractions of the Movie Edit Pro is its abilities to provide special effects and convert seemingly ordinary footage into special pieces. This article focuses on applying the disappearing effect to video footage by using the Movie Edit Pro.

Step 1: Launch Movie Edit Pro and Import Footage

You will open Movie Edit Pro in the timeline mode and import your previously shot video footage in to the timeline. Once the video is imported, you will decide the time point where you would like the effect to start, and you will have to record the background image without the subject or anybody around it.

Step 2: Set up the Effect

Put in a start marker at an appropriate point and zoom into the frame to view it properly. You will now right click and save one of the frames as a picture file by selecting file > export as > Single frame as jpeg. Make sure that the resolution of the image matches the resolution of the video.

You will now import the picture into the timeline, and then drag it out to the rest of the footage line after the effects start point. Right click on the image and select image size and proportions. Deselect the ‘keep proportions’ box and select the cropping size/proportion option. Now manipulate the picture according to the visible and non-visible areas of the intended effect.

Step 3: Render Video Footage

You will now run the footage and see if the effect plays out as it was intended to be. Make minor adjustments if needed and export the footage in the format you need.