Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Mirror Effect

Movie Edit Pro is a versatile movie editing software that lets you also create a host of special effects. By just a few clicks, you can transform an ordinary looking footage to something quite creepy. The following describes how you can create a mirror effect with this software.

Step 1: Create a Movie and Load it on the Timeline

First, you will need to shoot a clip of a person looking at himself in the mirror and then walking away from it (and then returning to the mirror). The video camera should be placed in such a way that the actual person and the mirror reflection are clearly seen. Now, drag this clip onto the timeline.

Step 2: Split the Scene

By moving the bar on the timeline, find the exact point where the person totally cannot be seen in the mirror's reflection. At this point, split the clip in two by clicking on the "Split Scene" button, and drag the split clip onto the next track.

Step 3: Delete a Part of the Second Clip

In the second clip, now find the exact point when the person is just starting to be seen in the mirror again. Split the scene again here, and select the former part of the clip. Then, click on the Delete button.

Step 4: Create a Photo

Extend the original clip in the first track by dragging it across the timeline. Create a separate file of a photo of the mirror scene by dragging the marker on the timeline, then click on File on the top menu bar and select Export Movie. Click on "Single frame as JPEG". Drag the file of the picture you have just created into Windows Paint.

Step 5: Edit the Photo

In Paint, blacken everything except the mirror, and then mask the mirror in white. Save this picture.

Step 6: Create the Mirror Effect

Drag this picture onto the timeline in the third track and right click on it and select "Video Effects". This will open the Video Controller window and click on the Alpha button. Extend the picture on the timeline and then switch it to the second track and the clip onto the third track.

The effect you will see is that the reflection in the mirror remains, even when the person moves away from the mirror.