Movie Edit Pro: Creating a Ghost Effect

Movie Edit Pro by MAGIX is sophisticated software for editing movies. The software is packed with various tools for editing and debugging, and contains many features which will let you create special effects. The following explanation describes a very simple way of creating a ghost effect in video footage that you have shot.

Step 1: Load Your Movie on the Timeline

A cool ghost effect would be a ghostly apparition emerging out of a person who is lying down supposedly dead. So, first make a clip where the person is seen being shot and collapsing, and then gets up and walks away. Now drag this clip on to the timeline, and you will create the ghost effect.

Step 2: Split the Clip

By moving the bar on the timeline, find the exact spot where the person in the clip starts to get up. At this point, you will need to split the clip in two by clicking on the "Split Scene" icon which looks like a movie camera, which is next to the buttons in the preview window. Drag this part of the clip on the next track on the timeline.

Step 3: Position the Second Clip

Position this second clip on the next track starting from where the person is lying on the ground in the first clip. When you move the bar on the timeline, your clip should again be flowing smoothly like how it did before you split it.

Step 4: Create the Ghost Effect

In the second track on the timeline where you have loaded the second clip, you will see a small rectangle between the images. Select this handle and drag it down, so that only 40% of your second clip is visible on the timeline. Now when you play the clips, you will see a ghostly image of the person getting up from the body that is lying on the ground.