Motion Detection Software: From Webcam to Surveillance Cam

Motion detection software can be used to turn any standard webcam into a sophisticated security camera. This software is very popular because webcameras are affordable and easy to find. The software presents a very quick and easy way to protect your belongings and keep an eye on what's happening in your office or home while you're not there.

Motion Detection

Motion detection software is very useful as it makes it possible to record videos. The computer doesn't need to record anything until the camera detects movement. This ensures that no space is wasted on your computer. It will also make it much easier to watch through the video because the videos will only include movement.

Some of these software packages will also use your computer's microphone to detect noises and start recording. This should ensure that nothing is missed.

Positioning the Camera

Some pieces of software will support multiple webcams. This makes it possible to cover large areas of the room. It's also possible to use IP cameras instead of webcams as a way to cover larger areas without worrying about cables.


It's also possible to use the software to schedule recordings. The software can automatically take a still photo every few seconds or start recording at certain times. It's even possible to set this up to switch the computer off automatically.


When you have set the cameras up, you should then be able to start recording. This will be fully automatic, and it should work for as long as the computer is left on.