Morpheus Photo Warper: An Overview

Morpheus Photo Warper allows you to easily and instantly animate and bring your images to life. It is a fun program that distorts and plays around with the image; it is capable of warping images and making them indistinguishable.

Easy to Use Wizard

An easy to use wizard helps you get started and gives you multiple sample warps to choose and play with. All you have to do is select a particular warp and it will be instantly applied to your photo.

Email Feature

You can also instantly share your warps with the new email feature that comes with this program. Now your friends and family can enjoy your creations.

New Interface

A new user-friendly interface is also available so that you can work on multiple pictures at once and warp them at the same time. You can apply various types of warps to different pictures simultaneously for maximum fun.


Viewing warped images within the program is also available, which basically renders the images first and plays them for preview before the final output is released. This greatly saves time and gives you more freedom to see and choose the final warp applied to your image.

Various Flash and Image Formats

Photo Warper allows you to choose from a variety of flash formats such as Animated GIF and Flash SWF. It can also export warp frames of still formats such as TIFF, PNG and JPEG for more flexibility.

Additional Features

Additional features of the program also include AVI output to use with various movie software, interface customization and the ability to apply different skins to windows. Morpheus Photo Warper can give you all these and much more while having fun with your photos.