Morpheus Photo Morpher: An Overview

Morpheus Photo Morpher, as the slogan goes, indeed brings your pictures to life. Most people are awestruck when they see morphed photos in advertisements and movies. Morpheus does it all; it enables you to create photos as good as the professional photographs. Here are some key features of this software.

Basic Features and Utility

The most common usage of this product is to morph photographs. It has other built features that make it user friendly and hence popular. You can morph as many photographs as you wish; there is no limit to the number.

You can morph one photo into another. For example, you can morph your own digital photo with that of your parents, grandparents, friends or even pets. You can be as creative as you like. It also has an in-built feature through which you get to email the morphed photos to others within the same network. It is also equipped with animation functions and can be easily used to work on popular formats such as flash and GIF (animated). You can even import the morphed photos into still photograph formats, such as JPEG, TIF and others.


There are three versions of this photo morpher: standard, professional and industrial. All three are available online. While all of them have the basic features listed above, the number of features and the adaptability of the software increases with each version.


The prices for this software is pretty reasonable. They vary with the version you get, from $30 to $100. All in all, it is a great product to have some fun with and be creative. It's great for professional usage too.