Morpheus Photo Animation Suite: An Overview

Morpheus Photo Animation Suite is an all-in-one animating program which includes Morpheus Photo Morpher v.315, Morpheus Photo Mixer v3.15 and Morpheus Warper v3.15. This amazing package gives animation lovers all the options and flexibility they desire.

Morpheus Photo Morpher

This fun and amazing program let’s you transform one image to another before your very eyes. Watch it as it happens in front of you, sort of like a magic trick. The transition of images is very smooth, and you won’t witness any choppiness or hiccups while morphing. You can morph any image to another image. Simply select the two images you wish to morph and let the software do its magic. For example, you can easily let your picture transform and morph smoothly and instantly.

Morpheus Photo Mixer

The Morpheus Photo Mixer let’s you mix and match body parts of people’s images. The fun part is that it doesn’t have to be images of people. You can merge and combine faces and bodies of people and cats for example. You can do things such as place your head on the body of a bodybuilder, merge your friend’s face to a dog, or place the eyes and mouth of a bee on your neighbor’s head. This is how fun and flexible this software is.

Morpheus Photo Warper

This software allows you to distort and warp selected images and create wave-like patterns on them, which can dramatically change the look of a photo. It exaggerates the features of an image, making it seem like a different image altogether. You can make your skinny friend short and stout, or your beautiful gym instructor tall and scary.

These three animation packages can all be found in the Morpheus Photo Animation Suite and they can all be used for your photo animation fun.