Morph Man: An Overview

Morph Man is a powerful software package that will make it very easy to morph images on a personal computer. It has the ability to create a number of advanced effects and can also easily be integrated with any video compositing tool. It offers benefits of speed and features like onion skin, detection of edges, estimated motion and more. Here are some of the things that it can do.

Morph Movies

You can use Morph Man to create astoundingly effective morphed transitions from different video clips.

Morph Pictures

This software makes it very easy to morph pictures. Morph Man has very effective tools to do this, and these tools are effective because they are driven by some well optimized and advanced algorithms.

Video Editor

Morph Man has a powerful video editor that can easily create truly outstanding effects and transitions. It is also capable of adding titles and capturing videos from a PC camera.

The bottom line is that Morph Man is truly exciting software that morphs in a simple yet effective manner. You can also use it to import MPEG and QuickTime as well as DV movie frames and then export them as MPEG, QuickTime and DV movies. It does not take much to learn Morph Man, especially as it comes with a pair of tutorials explaining morphing and warping respectively.

After going through the tutorials, you can then start experimenting with the software till you feel comfortable with all of its different functions.